Voice Ready Connectivity

If you’re looking to run any voice calls over your data connection (VoIP), be it an ADSL2+, Fibre, EFM or Leased Line, you need to ensure that you have the right connection.

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For each of our Data products we can offer a Voice Ready package to enable you to get the most out of your communications solution while safe in the knowledge it is fit for purpose.

  • Prioritised voice traffic
  • QOS
  • Resilience
  • 24/7 Fault Support

We understand that there is more to a converged network than just running multiple applications and hoping that all functions. We also understand that individual customers have different needs in their LAN and WAN environments especially when running VoIP. We have designed a range of products that can help you achieve an environment which supports a stable LAN where applications are given the appropriate segregation and prioritisation. Also we have a range of products which can offer a failover service utilising the same IP addressing; meaning no LAN changes should you ever experience a fault with your primary connectivity.

Cost Effective Ethernet with EFM
Uncontended Internet Access


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