Inbound Solutions

The single most important aspect of any business communications service is the ability to receive all your customer calls. Our Inbound services provide simple routing of calls to a full range of alternative numbers with additional features such as voicemail, auto-attendants and call queuing systems.


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Answer your calls on any device, anywhere.

  • Instant Call Management
  • Any numbers, anywhere, any device
  • Call Queuing/Auto-attendant
  • No Capital Outlay
  • Disaster Recovery


Choose from a range of telephone numbers that best suit your business:


Geographic 01/02 Numbers

Want to appear ‘local’ in any town or city in the UK? Our virtual 01/02 numbers can point to any landline or mobile.

Freephone 0800/0808

Freephone numbers help encourage sales calls. Legislation from 1st July 2015 means that ‘Free’ really does mean Free.

Low cost 03 Numbers

An increasingly popular alternative to 0845/0844 numbers. Are these the most suitable for your business?

International Numbering

Looking for an international presence? We can provide numbers across hundreds of cities around the world.


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